Summer League teams

We play in the South East Lancashire Summer League during the 'close season'.

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Season 2023

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1st team fixtures
Date Competition Opponents H/A Result Score
26/06/2023 B Div 3Cs II H Won 4½-1½
03/07/2023 Cup Blue Club H Lost ½-5½
17/07/2023 B Div Northenden A Won 4-2
24/07/2023 B Div Marple I H Won 6-0
07/08/2023 B Div Blue Club II A Won 3½-2½
22/08/2023 B Div Chorlton II A Lost 2½-3½
04/09/2023 B Div Bolton II H Draw 3-3

04/09/2023 - Altrincham 3 Bolton II 3

Our final Summer League match of the year was a bit of an anti-climax, with a 2½-3½ defeat to Bolton 2. But it didn't really matter as we were already assured of finishing top of B division. Mark Hann was the only winner, with draws for Dan Ludlam, Tony Lane and myself, and defeats for Richard White and Tom Tomkins, whose attempts at engineering a stalemate with a lone Rook against a Knight and seven pawns almost came off!

Subsequently it was found that one of the Bolton players was ineligible, so his drawn game was awarded to us by default, changing the match result to a 3-3 draw.

22/08/2023 - Chorlton II 3½ Altrincham 2½

We came agonisingly close to the draw we needed to clinch the B division championship, going down 3½-2½ at Chorlton. On board 1 Danilo managed to draw a Bishop and Pawn ending when down a pawn. Board 2, I made a dubious decision in the opening and ended up getting crushed. Board 3, Dan Ludlam made a draw which he reckoned he should have won. On board 4 Tony Lane had a winning position but lost on time. On board 5 Steve Douglas, playing his first game for nearly 4 years, scored our only win. The lack of match practice showed as he kept forgetting to press his clock, but his opponent very sportingly reminded him several times, else he might have gone the same way as Tony! On board 6 Tom Tomkins maintained his unbeaten record with a solid draw.

The close result means Chorlton can no longer finish above us, even if we lose our last match 6-0. However 3Cs can catch us if they win their last two matches, and we lose our last one, but it would take big winning margins in all of those matches to overturn our superior 'goal difference'.

Two days later, however, 3Cs drew their penultimate match, which confirms us as B division champions!

07/08/2023 - Blue Club II 2½ Altrincham 3½

We travelled to Oldham to play Blue Club 2 with some trepidation, as we were missing Danilo and Mark. I thought that if we managed to draw the match it would be an excellent result. But despite being outrated on boards 1 to 5, we raced into a 2-0 lead with quick wins for Dan Ludlam and Tom Tomkins. I missed several chances to win my game, eventually reaching an endgame a pawn up, but it was difficult to make progress and with time running short I agreed a draw, thinking that we could surely muster another half point from the three remaining games to tie the match. But we did better than that. Thomas Hague on board 6 was playing his first game since January 2020. His opponent did not turn up within the regulation 30 minutes, so a substitute was put in, giving Thomas a large time advantage which ultimately proved decisive as his opponent blundered in a complex tactical melee, so we now had the 3½ points we needed to win the match. Meanwhile Sheraz had a promising looking attack, but his opponent managed to flush Sheraz's King into the open where it was mated with the help of a neat Rook sacrifice. Tony seemed to be holding a difficult position, but a long spell of playing on 10 second increments eventually took its toll and he blundered a Rook. The 3½-2½ win keeps us top of the table, and a draw at Chorlton in our next match will give us the championship and a return to A division where we belong!

24/07/2023 - Altrincham 6 Marple I 0

A stonking 6-0 win over Marple takes us to the top of B division! Marple were quite strong on the top two boards, in fact Mark Hann's opponent Andy Stoker had beaten an IM a few months ago, but Mark and Danilo had no problems winning. We had a big rating advantage on the other four boards, where Tony Lane, Richard White, Tom Tomkins and myself all won, though I was a bit lucky in that my opponent missed some good chances to equalise the position after he blundered a pawn in the opening.

This was the first clean sweep that I can remember in my 12+ years at the club. Tony has scoured the archives to find the last occasion, and apparently we beat Salford 6-0 in a Summer League Cup match back in 2002. Tony and Richard both played in that match as well as in this week's match. Also in the 2002 team was current club treasurer Nick Lowe, who is at present incapacitated with a back injury but will hopefully be back in action soon.

17/07/2023 - Northenden 2 Altrincham 4

Wins for Danilo, Reg and Dan, and draws for Tony and Tom maintained our 100% league record.

03/07/2023 - Altrincham ½ Blue Club 5½ (Alan Yarker Cup)

With Danilo and Mark unavailable this was a very difficult task, being outrated by over 200 points on each of the top 5 boards, where Reg, Sheraz, Tony, Dan and Richard all lost. Tom Tomkins saved us from an embarassing whitewash with a draw on board 6.

26/06/2023 - Altrincham 4½ 3Cs II 1½

Our first over the board match since March 2020 ended in a convincing win. Danilo Soares, Mark Hann, Tony Lane and Richard White were all playing their first serious game since before the pandemic, and all won. Dan Ludlam drew on his debut for the club. Sheraz Khalil was the only player to lose, although he has been playing regularly in the last year - this match was proof that practice doesn't necessarily make perfect!